A look at Traumatic Brain Injury through the eyes of Braingirl.

Born from a desire to use recovery from TBI and subsequent side effects in a more positive way. It’s a peek at the truly devastating and enlightening process of a sudden and life threatening traumatic experience. The bit that never featured in your plans but came knocking anyway.

It started as a blog of brain dumps, words that I wanted to write down in no discernible manner. So I thought why not do something more concrete with it and hopefully inform as well as being a theraputic aid for myself. I hope you find things on here to think about, to investigate but also to understand the invisible epidemic of Brain Injury.

It also gives me something to focus on because at the moment I have nothing but time.

I am available to advocate and inform about brain injury in written or spoken form. Please do get in touch.

(All photos and artwork are my own unless otherwise stated).