First ever video! TBI and loss of self.

It’s finally here after some technical shenanigans and lack of motivation, I’ve recorded my first vlog.

It’s rambling, unedited and contains some rabbit. Approximately 20 mins long so put the kettle on. I promise to get a bit slicker as I learn this new way of blogging.

Please watch and be kind!

Thank you and as always share and comment.

28 thoughts on “First ever video! TBI and loss of self.

  1. Brilliant video, Lauren – well done, it will help so many people to understand how it feels to lose one’s sense of self in our society. All good wishes.

  2. Well said Lauren! Nice job. You are right on point. I relate totally. The “normal” world needs to here this also. Keep advocating!

  3. Wonderful video Lauren – the topic you discussed resonated very deeply with me. Looking forward to more videos in the future.

  4. This is exactly what needs to be said for those of us living through this. Your words, for me at least, help me feel so much less of an “outlier”. You show there is plenty of room for our kind. You are true, and don’t sugar coat–thank god. Your story, insight, and guidance resonates deeply for me. Thank you as always, my dear, dear friend. Much love and strength.

  5. WOW powerful !!
    Loved your message about stopping and connecting with the self. I have not got a brain injury but still I ask the same questions on my place in the world and who I am.

    Great points you made although I do not agree that all professionals push you back/focus on getting you back into work. I and others I know would never push people into that if it was at a detriment to their health.

    Great job and full credit to you xx you come across really well on camera

    • This video is entirely my perception and also about the services centred around brain injury which I know you’re not working in.
      Thankfully your soul searching comes with the resourrces to cope with it, brain injury doesn’t leave much in the way of resources and I think that my point was how hard that is. I think?!

  6. Hear hear, Lauren.

    Be a mirror to the negativity in the world. Reflect it back. It’s not your job to be a sponge to the lack of compassion in the world.

    You are still you. I see you. And it was wonderful to see you smile.

    Thank you for rambling…which let’s be honest you always have and will do. Loss of self is something you know I have battled. I spent so much time wondering who I was destined to be before my life twisted out of shape.

    We are the subject of our experiences…good and bad. And when those bad experiences are prominent we must remember to seek out tenderness.

    Love you. Xxxx

  7. Lauren, well said and done! I’m 8 years post and you are spot-on on the loss of self and how who we are is defined by what we do (according to society) – or what we “no longer do”. The road has been long for me – but determination has been my greatest asset, as I learned it’s about acceptance – and re-inventing/creating a life that fits the person you are today. Keep up the great work!!! sending you hugs across the pond… Celia M. and

    • Hi Celia, thanks for the kind words and for watching. Yes, learning to mould into the new me is at times exciting but also frustrating. Like you say, it’s about determination and patience.
      Hugs back across the pond to you!

  8. Lauren your video is fantastic – I was in tears because your video explains ME perfectly and I cannot get family and friends to understand. May I share your video on my FB page and hopefully my family and friends will read and better understand, you explain it so perfectly. Thank you for making the video and bless you…

  9. Brilliant video! I have struggled with all of the same thoughts having given up on my dreams of a career and even a partner because of a syndrome I suffer from. For a long time I felt useless, but then I started working from home which allowed me to travel and I finally felt like I had a purpose (to make the most of the life I have left and see the world while I still can). I still get days where I feel like I don’t exist, or like my life somehow is less worthwhile, but not as frequently as I did. Four words in your video made me literally sigh with relief: “you are not alone”. These words are so powerful and I never knew I needed to hear them so much. So thank you. You’re going to help a lot of people with this blog πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for watching and commenting. It means so much to me when people feel a little relief from something I’ve done. I wish you continued growth and peace and would love for you to keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

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