Video #2 TBI and relationships

Video 2 is here, kind of. I recorded this a few times but my software or my equipment failed me once again. I tried to remedy the problem but I am a Luddite and got easily baffled by what happened.

So in the spirit of doing things rough and ready I uploaded the video anyway but BEWARE the audio goes out of sync about 2 mins in for no discernible reason. Having wasted half a days worth of energy on it already I thought ‘sod it’. This may be one to listen to rather than watch but as always, the spirit is there.

I did however cut it down to 15 mins this time. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Video #2 TBI and relationships

  1. Hi Lauren, mmmmm relationships are v difficult in these situations. At times I see myself getting frustrated by the continuous changes in Annies mood and personality. Each day there are rapids and eddies to challenge us as carers and sufferers. It took an SAH for Annie to tell me that just before her SAH she had an affair with a family friend. I was devastated, but it offered me an opportunity to look at that period in our life and yes I could see that I was a workaholic and Annie was being neglected. Now I’ve put the issue to bed. Annie is my one and only love and my life and as her carer I’m trying the best to make up for the neglect. Life isn’t the same, Annie’s disability and othet conditions that have arisen since are a barrier but through thick and thin I will be by her side. I realy love your blog keep up the fight and stay strong and positive. Sorry about rambling on.
    Chris x

  2. Hi Lauren, wow u really touch a lot special topics that I went through about 2 years ago. It brought a lot memories back. What u said is so true about relationship? When I got married in 1994 my husband at the time knew I had injuries from car accident and finally it was confirmed in Oct. of 1994 that I did suffered a TBI in which my short term, concentration and attention span was affected but the doctors never gave me the tools of how to live with a brain injury. How I did it I don’t know it was like living on a roller coaster. U see my accident happened in 1989. As the years went on my life just went down hill. Finally I got the help in Nov. 2012 for my TBI it was the best thing ever. My marriage of 19 years didn’t last because he couldn’t except the changes in me and there was other things. To me I finally felt like I could breath and learned to live with a brain injury. It took me 2 years to get where I am at today. I have really changed in my lifestyles and the person who I have become. I have found a wonderful man who except me who I am and through all my trails and errors. I have my days. Everything u said it’s so true!!!! I am from the U.S

    • Wow Stephanie. What a journey you’ve been on. So glad you are now in a much better place.
      It can be so hard but you are a fighter. Congratulations on your new partner and for funding the best way to heal yourself.
      Thanks for watching, it’s appreciated. Stay in touch.

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