7 years later…..

Hello headbangers!

It’s that time of year again. The heavy woolly overcoat that is my TBI anniversary. This year I’ve made a video. Please do watch and comment, I value everyone’s input.

Also if you have a YouTube account you can subscribe to me as I do put up little videos in between my monthly posts that don’t get shared here.

On with the show as they say

4 thoughts on “7 years later…..

  1. Another great video! Thanks for making it and sharing tips on how to cope with the anniversary effect of trauma. We’re sharing it on our Facebook and Twitter. Take care!
    – Meri from BIST

  2. Hello Hope u keeping well, it’s always good to follow ur blog thanks for it. Not sure if u remember me we spoke via email a while back, it’s mike from South Africa,

    How are u managing? U really seem to have a hand on things, well done. I am good just carrying on, day by day. I have started a small business and it’s been going good, I am running a courier service so lots of driving and that,

    Any way Lauren Take care

    Sent from my iPhone


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