Just breathe

Hello all,

Well here we are in the midst of a Pandemic. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to really write anything about this virus. There’s already enough shouting going on out there on the net and in the (trash) media. Adding my voice is just more noise, but then I thought that it may be worth just voicing how it is for me and hope that it resonates with some of my fellow headbangers.

I’ll start by saying, If this had happened a few years ago I’d be running to the hills in a hazmat suit and building an underground bunker such was my anxiety and mistrust in the world. Today, whilst acknowledging that it’s scary for some people, I will admit to not feeling frightened or panicked by any of this. When I see everyone losing their heads I wonder if I’ve just totally lost my marbles and I really SHOULD be frightened. On reflection, my marbles are intact, in fact I’ve probably got a few more than most at the moment.

But you see, fear isn’t helping, it doesn’t cure the virus, it won’t stop the virus spreading, it doesn’t help your fellow person and it certainly isn’t good for your mental health. All that fear is doing is making people lose the run of themselves and buy toilet roll. I’m coming at this from a place of calm but prepared. The measures we are told to take such as washing hands and social distancing are absolutely correct. Self isolating if you have symptoms is also doing a great service to yourselves and others. Outside of that I am remaining resolute, hopeful and positive. Anything else is a waste of energy.

The Corona virus has in a lot of ways revealed our humanity and to be honest some of that humanity is downright disappointing. The actions of people piling high their shopping trolleys and not giving a shit about their neighbours access to food and supplies is selfish. There are others who are giving away their family pets to shelters and overburdening the workload at them because they think they’ll catch it off their dogs and cats (they won’t, let’s get that straight). Some are even trying to get vets to murder their healthy animals (it is not compassionate euthanasia when there is no health issue with the pet). This is stupidity. No other word for it.

Please just stop thinking just about yourselves and see that with connection and compassion we are much more useful in a crisis.

When people consume rolling news, hyperbolic social media and tabloid newspapers this is adding to the misinformation and panic. So please for the sake of yourselves, find reliable, scientific sources for news on this pandemic and check on those once a day. Facebook is 1000x more toxic than this virus and is not a place for nuanced rationality. As for the newspapers, it’s probably better to just wipe your arse on those!

As for the tin foil hat brigade, the ‘manufactured bio weapon, 5G, it’s all a plot’ tosspots, those who take great delight in scaring others, well they can just feck off. Those people live in a world of fear, their heads are full of threat and menace at every corner, they love things like this, it gets them salivating, it also lets them negate any responsibility at their part in all of this as it’s ‘somebody else’s fault’ and unfortunately they are given more oxygen than they should. IGNORE THEM. Start to think critically and calmly. A collective deep breath is needed right now. Just take one, count to ten, there, much better.

Also if you’re one of these people that mock Vegans on a regular basis but are now buying all the plant milk out of the shops (‘haha you can’t milk an almond stupid Vegan, oops I’ll just stick 10 cartons of that in my trolley, thank you’). I SEE YOU.

There are many lessons to be learned from this Pandemic, we need to stop eating animals, we need to care more about each other, we need to stop whizzing around the world all the time on polluting aeroplanes, we need to stop looking to government to save us (newsflash: they don’t care, never have, never will, couldn’t ‘sensible decision’ their way out of a paper bag). This is a communal effort, don’t wait to be told by bloody Boris to do the thing, just DO the thing. Lessons that some will take on board but unfortunately we’ll go back to our planet destroying, animal murdering capitalist ways soon enough. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I’m wrong. I hope this is the kick up the arse we needed.

For my more vulnerable headbanging friends, stay safe, stay well, keep your distance. I love you. This too will pass. I’m here on the internet if you get lonely and need a chat.


6 thoughts on “Just breathe

  1. A poem by Pablo Neruda:
    Now we will count to twelve
    and we will all keep still.
    For once on the face of the earth,
    let’s not speak in any language;
    let’s stop for one second,
    and not move our arms so much.
    It would be an exotic moment
    without rush, without engines;
    we would all be together
    in a sudden strangeness.
    Fishermen in the cold sea
    would not harm whales
    and the man gathering salt
    would look at his hurt hands.
    Those who prepare green wars,
    wars with gas, wars with fire,
    victories with no survivors,
    would put on clean clothes
    and walk about with their brothers
    in the shade, doing nothing.
    What I want should not be confused
    with total inactivity.
    Life is what it is about;
    I want no truck with death.
    If we were not so single-minded
    about keeping our lives moving,
    and for once could do nothing,
    perhaps a huge silence
    might interrupt this sadness
    of never understanding ourselves
    and of threatening ourselves with death.
    Perhaps the earth can teach us
    as when everything seems dead
    and later proves to be alive.
    Now I’ll count up to twelve
    and you keep quiet and I will go.

  2. Awww yeah, this has definitely been a roller coaster ride, from the start, and lots to be learned, if people are willing to learn that is. Sending you many hugs back and I hope your safe and well. xoxo

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