Video #2 TBI and relationships

Video 2 is here, kind of. I recorded this a few times but my software or my equipment failed me once again. I tried to remedy the problem but I am a Luddite and got easily baffled by what happened.

So in the spirit of doing things rough and ready I uploaded the video anyway but BEWARE the audio goes out of sync about 2 mins in for no discernible reason. Having wasted half a days worth of energy on it already I thought ‘sod it’. This may be one to listen to rather than watch but as always, the spirit is there.

I did however cut it down to 15 mins this time. Enjoy!


First ever video! TBI and loss of self.

It’s finally here after some technical shenanigans and lack of motivation, I’ve recorded my first vlog.

It’s rambling, unedited and contains some rabbit. Approximately 20 mins long so put the kettle on. I promise to get a bit slicker as I learn this new way of blogging.

Please watch and be kind!

Thank you and as always share and comment.